Traiko Dinev

PhD Student in Robotics and Autonomous Systems

About me

I'm currently about to embark on the road to a PhD in Robotics and Autonomous Systems at the University of Edinburgh within the Institute of Perception, Action and Behavior. I'll be doing some super-cool Machine Learning for Control in Robotics, so stay tuned for updates.

My interests include Reinforcement Learning, Control Theory and Optimization and specifically applying them to real-world problems, like robotics. I also love Bayesian machine learning and statistics. Specifically I like simple and interpretable solutions to machine learning problems; ways of transforming your data so you can see what's going on clearly as well as being able to then run more complex algorithms.

I did my undergrad at Edinburgh doing Computer Science and Electronics with a major focus on Machine Learning in the final two years. My bachelor's thesis was in Approximate Bayesian Computation under Dr. Michael Gutmann.

Previously I worked at Drooble, a social network for musicians as a backend/front-end developer. I also did an internship at Amazon in Edinburgh, where I tried my hand at Causal Inference models over their retail datasets.

I also love music and have even uploaded some things to Soundcloud.

Publications & Highlights

Things I've made

Once upon a time I was really interested in video games and writing in-browser ones without using flash. I have a small collection of Doodles hosted on github. These are mostly HTML5 algorithmic and graphics demos with a few games.

During my first year at UoE, there was a competition to design a fractal generator. Thus I wrote one in Haskell. It generates Mandelbrot and Julia sets and can be parametrized.