Traiko Dinev

PhD Student in Robotics and Autonomous Systems

About me

I'm currently a PhD student in Robotics and Autonomous Systems at the University of Edinburgh within the Institute of Perception, Action and Behavior.

My interests include Reinforcement Learning, Control Theory and Optimization and specifically applying them to real-world problems, like robotics. I am also a part of the MEMMO project (

I did my undergrad at Edinburgh doing Computer Science and Electronics with a major focus on Machine Learning in the final two years. My bachelor's thesis was in Approximate Bayesian Computation under Dr. Michael Gutmann.

Previously I worked at Drooble, a social network for musicians as a backend/front-end developer. I also did an internship at Amazon in Edinburgh, doing Causal Inference models over their retail datasets.

Publications & Highlights

Things I've made

Once upon a time I was really interested in video games and writing in-browser ones without using flash. I have a small collection of Doodles hosted on github. These are mostly HTML5 algorithmic and graphics demos with a few games.

During my first year at UoE, there was a competition to design a fractal generator. Thus I wrote one in Haskell. It generates Mandelbrot and Julia sets and can be parametrized.